The flow of Custom Clearance Service


Import / Export Custom Clearance

When dealing with goods or money between Japan and overseas countries, it is necessary to set customs' approval after declaring cotents
and value of imports and exports. In the case of imports, you should make a payment for duty and consumption tax. The series of
procedures for getting approval from customs are called, "Customs clearance service".


Customs Inspection

Whether the import/export contents(price, quantity, commodity and country of origin) are correct or not, Customs inspect that the
import /export does not include prohibited items against laws and agreement. X-ray inspection, actual hands on item inspection or both
inspections will occur at customs.


Verification based on Other Laws and regulations

For laws other than the Customs act, Act on General Rules for National Taxes and Act on Temporaty Measures concerning customs.
For example, verification based on other laws and regulations include "Food Sanitation Law", "Phrmaceutical and Medical Device Act",
"Plant Quarantine Law" and "Domestic animal Infections Disease Control Law".